Awful Waffle – A journal of all the times we eat at the Waffle House.
Balancing Boyfriends – Tim’s on-line journal.
Big Gay Wedding – A journal of making plans for our Union Ceremony in Vermont.
Dispatches of the Emergency Queer Reserve – Social Crisis? Who you gonna call?
Various Essays
Bombing at Centennial Olympic Park Creates Holiday Disaster – Michael Bolton bombs at a Christmas Concert.
A Brady Tribute – The Brady Bunch had an impact on a generation. This is a tribute to the nation’s only functional family.
Breath, Baby. Breath. – Breathing normal and the gym don’t go together very well.
Rotisserie Chicken – Take this chicken for a ride!
Elfin Magic – Becoming a troll magnet.
The Porch at Flamingo Grove is Now Open – The trials and tribulations of making the gardens at Barnes Place appear effortless.
Something More Annoying Than The Gym – The motivating factor for working out.
Battle of The Hokey Pokey – Tim and Tony are inducted into the world of SEC Football.
Tim’s Literary Resume – A brief description of Tim’s writing experience.
Striking Luck at the Lucky Horseshoe – A buck will buy you a little bit more in Chicago than Atlanta.
Making a Name on Halstead – A tale behind a nickname.
Joining the Police Force – Tim sets out for the Citizen’s Police Academy.
Salad Bowl – Tim takes a stab at poetry, comparing love and lust to a Tupperware salad bowl.
Savage Inspiration – Tim meets his favorite author and manages to put his foot in his mouth.
There Is More To Smog Than You Think – A look at the unexpected side effects of smog.
You Torment Me – Another shot at poetry exploring the torment of lust and desire.
Harmonic Unity on Ponce – The Upper Room is one place where the dreams are larger than life itself.
Sideburns – Realizing your life is off kilter when you discover your sideburns are no where near even, and you’ve become the shame of Supercuts.
Swapping Tab-Delimitated Recipes with the Geek Neighbors – My neighborhood is just a little different.
The New World of Terror – In today’s world, we live under the constant fear of bad customer service.
Suck The Culture Right Out of Society – Madonna Vs. the Ballet.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – The Boys go to the Cher Concert
Hair Raising Crisis – Trying to get my hair cut before my 10-year College Reunion.
Keeping Santa Sane – Thoughts on coordinating Santa Arrivals around the country
Still Photography
Portfolio Sample – Updated regularly.
Wedding in the Adirondack Mountains – June 2001
Atlanta Pride – June 2001
Hat Party in the Heat of July – July 2001
Muck About Swamp Tour – September 2001
Parliament Ho – September 2001
Sweet Water Creek – October 2001
Hall/Sarrett Wedding – October 14, 2001
January Snow Storm – January 3, 2002
Essence of Country – April 5, 2002
Essence of Cabana Club – April 6, 2002
Essence of Community – April 7, 2002
Me and Tammy Faye – April 21, 2002
Viva Vegas – The Strip – April 2002
Viva Vegas – Downtown – April 2002
Viva Vegas – The Wedding – April 2002
Alphabet Soup – June 15, 2002
Mr. Beautiful Thing – August 19, 2002
Oregon – September 2002
A Weekend in Southern California – September 2002
Bjorn Again – Tony’s 36th Birthday – November 2, 2002
Video Work
Dance Floor Murder – Shopping Mall Marketing Managers tear up the dance floor in Vegas.
There Was A Clogging – A Clogging Festival in Blue Ridge, Georgia. We were there.
Hot June Night – Hot August Night, a Neil Diamond Tribute Band. We were there.
Harry Potter Release – The midnight release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We were there.
Habitat for Humanity – An afternoon helping Habitat for Humanity.
Rockford Wedding – Kelly and Amy get married. We were there.
Super Walmart Comes to Ellijay – Walmart opens. We were there.
Peachtree Blossom Cluster – The dogs come to Perry, Georgia. We were there.
Support Sprague – Sean Sprague runs for Possom Queen.
Possom Queen Thanks – Sprague is crowned Possom Queen.
Tim’s Family History
Tony’s Family History