Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Looking for Balancing Boyfriends?
Looking for the blog, Balancing Boyfriends? The link was published incorrectly in today’s review on Best Gay Blogs.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Morgan Terrace.net Goes Live

(Lake Forest, IL) — A new Web site highlighting the condo unit Co-Directors Anthony Dornacher and Timothy State have purchased in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago is now live. www.MorganTerrace.net incorporates upgrades of many of the same features found at BarnesPlace.com. News, event information, on-line tours, and a special place for the animals are all highlights of the new site.

The site takes its name from the building, The Morgan, and the large private terrace Dornacher and State will enjoy as part of the unit.

“The terrace is going to be one of the greatest features of the new crib,” said State. “So it’s with great anticipation we launch the new Web site that will serve as the clearinghouse for all things Morgan Terrace.”

Dornacher and State have purchased a 1,252 square-foot unit on the northwest corner of the fourth floor. The two-bedroom, two-bath unit has an additional 555 square-foot private terrace, reminiscent of the Porch at Flamingo Grove at Barnes Place in Atlanta.

A floor plan of the unit can be found on the new MorganTerrace.net.

The main page of the site will feature a blog for latest news and information, which will primarily focus on The Morgan’s upcoming construction.

“Between now and move-in day, the Web site will be updated frequently with photos and construction updates,” said State. “We’re very excited to get settled, and hopefully that will come through in the new site.”

The Morgan, a 69-unit, 11-floor building at the corner of Morgan and Van Buren in the West Loop neighborhood is just west of The Loop, Chicago’s central business district. It is two blocks from the CTA’s Blue Line Halstead Street “L” stop, four blocks from Greektown, three blocks from the University of Illinois–Chicago, and a short walk from many of Chicago’s cultural attractions.

New E-mail Addresses

With the new Web site come new e-mail addresses. While BarnesPlace.com and its corresponding addresses will continue to be valid, you will want to add the following e-mail addresses to your address book and spam filters:

  • tony.dornacher[at]morganterrace.net – Tony Dornacher
  • tim.state[at]morganterrace.net – Timothy State
  • codirectors[at]morganterrace.net – goes to both of us.
  • social.secretary[at]morganterrace.net – address updates and event R.S.V.P.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Barnes Place Comes to a Close
Director of Catering and Guest Relations Anthony Dornacher returned late Monday, March 14 from Atlanta after a short and quick trip to complete the long and drawn-out sale of Barnes Place. In addition to the closing, he picked up his dry cleaning, and closed the safety deposit box.

The buyer originally offered to purchase Barnes Place while Dornacher was walking the dogs last November. After Dornacher and the buyer worked out the details, it was in the hands of the lenders. Then the appraisers. And don’t forget the termite guy. And when all of them couldn’t agree, the buyer fired his lender and got a new one, who didn’t believe he actually was going to live there. And then the termite letter had expired. The closing on Monday brings a four-month process to a close, and is the final step in our transition from Atlanta.
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Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Bottom Line
An article in Palm Springs’s twice-montly publication, The Bottom Line discussed “Balancing Boyfriends” in an article of their December 24/04 – January 6/05 issue, “Best Gay Blogs.” It said:

Tyler Curtain at www.bentkid.com is a professor of English, cultural studies and theory whose perspectives on American gay life are always dead on and deep. When you’re done getting educated on GLBT news and reading for depth, you’ll want to find a blogger whose sole purpose is to entertain. The author of www.barnesplace.com/bpboy delivers regular tales of the trials and tribulations of balancing multiple boyfiends and continually puts himself in uncomfortable situations like eating at Hooters or shopping for Playgirls to keep his own adrenaline running. For purely guilty pleasure we have people like www.akafrankgreen.com who brings being a bitchy, fashion obsessed queen to a whole new level with his insults to Paris Hilton, his society dirt straight from the bowels of Ptown and utterly ridiculous self portraits filled with pink wigs, roller skates and pom poms. Along with all the dirty fun, he hosts a Mirror Project full of photos of people in front of their mirrors complete with very personal musings.

Now if that is not complimentary enough to be listed in an article titled “Best Gay Blogs”, I’m listed with three people (Cyber Kenny is also listed in the article, along with Tyler and Frank Green.) that not only do I consider some of the best bloggers out there, but are celebrated by many others as some of the best. I’m flattered and honored to be among those listed.

Nods to Dean for snagging the magazine while vacationing in Palm Springs.
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Thursday, January 20, 2005
Expanding the Bubble of Freedom
Our dogs have the personalities of perpetual toddlers who are eternally experimenting with defying authority, asserting their independence, and putting everything not tied down into their mouths. As a result, our dogs have learned to lead lives inside protective bubbles that Tony creates. While most dogs frolic freely from time-to-time, our dogs are coddled and shielded, protected from the atrocities of life—the wet grass that brushes up against their underbellies on a rainy day, a draft that might blow through the house, or even worse, the emotional and mental trauma stemming from the confusion generated by the smells of other animals on our clothing when we come home. “It’s okay,” Tony will explain to them. “I know you’re confused.”

So it’s no surprise we’re getting a lot of the same question from friends all across the country: “How are the animals adjusting to the big cross-country move?” Read on…
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Monday, November 22, 2004
Latest Barnes Place News
Last Call Photos Posted
Last Call photos are now posted on-line. Many guests were saying, “It was the end of an era.”Read on for more.

BP Under Contract
In the mean time, Barnes Placed is under contract. Read on for more.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Balancing Boyfriends: Between a Q-Tip and a Tennis Ball in a Hard Place
Tim received his writing award from the O! Georgia Writing Foundation this past weekend. Read all about it on his blog, Balancing Boyfriends.
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Saturday, August 28, 2004
Surprising News from Barnes Place
Barnes Place announced surprising news today. Read the news that is rocking the South, and has the North jumping for joy.
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Sunday, August 01, 2004
Our Big Gay Wedding
We’ve hit the road again. This time, with a mission. You can check out all the updates at Our Big Gay Wedding.
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Friday, February 27, 2004
The Cost of Sanctity in the Void of Leadership
Read my latest essay on my Blog.
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Saturday, January 10, 2004
Northside Elvis Festival
We went to an Elvis Birthday Festival last night at the Northside Tavern. As you know, he turned 70 on Thursday. See the photo essay.

Also, I took several self-portraits while there with other folks in the bar. Check out those photos.
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Sunday, December 14, 2003
Discover Dollywood
We just got back from Dollywood to see Dolly Parton at her Christmas Charity Concert. Read the postcards and see the pictures here.
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Sunday, December 07, 2003
Tons of Food; Tons of Fun
The 11th Annual Holiday Lighting Ceremony, “Babes in Spamland” was a huge success. Here Sheleata helps Tony sort the canned goods. Read more.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Holiday Lighting Ceremony – Saturday, December 6
Mark your calendar. Our next event is the 11th Annual Holiday Lighting Ceremony, Babes in Spamland.
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